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A Complete Learning Management Suite


Provide video, SCORM, documents or external links like Youtube based learnings to complete the trainings


Randomised the questions and allow multiple attempts with unique questions from the question bank.

Learning Path

Tie the courses, assessments, classrooms together for learners to become a master in a learning Topic

Classroom Training

Create in person or a virtual classroom session and track the attendance by scanning a QR code


Educate process adherence by making documents available through single click in library for learners


Gather details and plan the future forecasts, trainings, budget planning and improve the graph


Categorised FAQs in group so that learners can easily find what they are looking for


Allow the learners to self-enrol for the trainings available in catalogue

What makes the Violet LMS Suite so unique

We have used our 20 years of Elearning industry experience to design the next generation LMS. Some of the features that are critical to provide extraordinary learning ecperience.

AI Based Recomendations

Varied Interfaces

Virtual Classrooms


Streaming Videos

Mobile Learning

Learning Paths

Robust Assessment

Reporting & Dashboard

Offline Capability

YOUR platform the way YOU want it to be.

Employee Training

Employee training is a meaningful and valuable investment that more than pays off for your company and your employees.

Distribution Training

Professionals working in these processes meet customer demands, order and manage inventory, control inbound and outbound shipments, reduce costs, save time.

Customer Training

Product and Services provided by organizations have become large in number and complex in nature. It is very crucial to train the customers (i.e. End Users, Resellers, Dealers, Vendors, etc.)


An intensive onboarding saves time and money: Employees are fully operational faster, but they are also more motivated to meet their new challenges

Sales Training

The value of a company is measured by its success. The foundation for this success is an excellent product. However, a product can only stand out if it has a clear position in the market.

Compliance Training

LMS for Compliance Training Awareness and Training on Compliances within an organization is imperative and thus a vital function for HR and the L&D team members.

Seamless Integration

Easily connect with 30+ software you may already use to get the job done.Schedule a Demo

Streamline Your Digital Learning

AI & ML based Recommendation engine

Let the BOT handle your assignments

Seamless integration with your single or multiple HRMS

Insight into your learning adaptation

API based architecture to enable plug and play integrations

Systematic communication through various channels

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About Us

We at Violet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd., are a team of 100 + dedicated professionals striving hard to develop smart & intuitive solutions to streamline & facilitate data intensive processes like learning, assessment, training, sales & support through our robust and versatile software applications.